• Name Alex Cris
  • Location Europe
  • Date of birth Jul 10, 1982
  • Primary game Dota 2

Rip2Shr3ds's activity

Wonder what Fly thinks now! :))))))

Article 8/26/18, 7:02 PM

Looks like a freaking loot box. It's horrible.

Article 5/19/17, 10:00 AM

Yeah dude, must be great to live in a world of fantasy without having a clue about how an organisation works. Good luck with Snow White, don't forget to send me the wedding invitation! Can't wait to meed Humpty Dumpty!

Article 5/18/17, 12:26 PM

As long as they are making a profit they should get involved. What you are saying there is simply childish. it's like having Champions League without UEFA, for example. Valve owns the product, it's impossible not to have an opinion.

Article 5/18/17, 10:31 AM

Simple method: all the contracts between professional players and organisations should also be registered at Valve and the payment shall always be done according to those contracts directly in each player's account and in the organisation's account. By doing this the players will be paid in time and won't be scammed. But as long as Valve basically shares the profit with the organisations, do you imagine them implementing such methods?

Article 5/17/17, 8:09 PM

In other news Valve ain't giving a flying f**k and the fat f**k all the retards call "Lord" is getting rich. This issues can be solved so easy by Valve but they won't as there is nothing to gain from it. Players not being paid for months and being kicked from organisations that in the end share profit with Valve and nothing ever changes even if there are so many cases. Yet we see at TI Gaben dressed as a hobo and rich as fuck thanking all of us for giving him money. In the end f**k the players even thought they are the ones that basically bring all the money.

Article 5/17/17, 7:40 PM

Wonder when Thunderbirds will disband. Envy has 2 open spots in his team.

Article 5/3/17, 10:18 PM

That's the proof you know nothing about the western culture. Basically that's where the trolls were imagined.

Article 1/27/17, 6:24 PM
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