• Name Tilmann Gebhardt
  • Location Germany
  • Date of birth Jun 25, 1991
  • Primary game Hearthstone

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Exactly. You got it!

Article 11/21/15, 4:34 PM

I might be wrong, but I don't remember anyone in the HS scene being dropped from a team due to poor performances. Who do you have in mind?

Article 11/15/15, 3:47 PM

Freeze Mage for Temple Escape is the easiest boss ever! Though Chakki's idea sounds really fun :D

Article 11/13/15, 9:06 PM

We only post the decklists once they are complete. There are still cards left in each of DieMeng's decks we haven't seen so far. Sorry!

Article 11/5/15, 5:33 PM

Great write-up, Jacob! Though I don't think it was surprising to see a fair amount of Brightwing or Sylvanas play. On the other hand, I didn't expect Diablo and Lt. Morales to show up at all.

Article 10/29/15, 8:54 PM

I think the nerf to Auctioneer was fine. It's just a crazy card which is really hard to balance.

Article 10/14/15, 12:37 PM

I (and everyone else?) agree that the change to Warsong was overkill. Never thought about the change to Patron you are suggesting though, sounds interesting. But how would you word the card then? I'm afraid it might come out very text-y ...

Article 10/13/15, 10:03 PM

I don't really agree. Last year EU had Kolento, CN had Tiddler, NA had StrifeCro, Tarei (who was a big name back then) and Firebat (who many people thought about as being a sleeper). This year, CN has young talents, NA has a mixture of stars (Trump, Purple) and up-and-comers - but EU man, they look so scary! So yeah, I think EU is definitely favored this year, but last year? Not really. Let's wait until after Regionals though :)

Article 9/22/15, 2:49 PM
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