What's the status of this game?

Match 8/8/16, 7:01 PM

Dunno, as Sumadin out it, most of the Paladin spells are cheap and/or crappy. It's great to get a third equality or a free Lay on Hands, ofc, but I just don't see it either.

Page 7/31/16, 12:18 PM

This match is to be played ASAP!!!

Match 7/21/16, 6:36 AM

Gladial, as I told Lesurgo, this match IS TO BE PLAYED ASAP. Walkover will NOT be awarded to you. Stop resulting games by yourself, you know very well from GosuCup EU what the procedure is. If I see you entering scores again without a game being played, you will be disqualified. Now proceed with the match.

Match 7/19/16, 6:24 AM

I played it right after Chakki won Austin with it but sucked all balls with it. Guess you really need to know the deck fully.

Article 7/18/16, 6:29 PM

What's the status of this match, is it being played?

Match 7/6/16, 7:04 PM

Is this match being played at all?

Match 6/27/16, 6:17 PM

Is this match being played

Match 6/25/16, 8:00 AM