I thought "What's worse: Homophobic or Genocide jokes" was a bit too on the nose

Article 3/31/17, 11:08 AM

Sinn is the god's gift to the HS scene. Without him and Zhihong on Reddit, we'd have zero updates from the CN scene :)

Article 2/25/17, 1:15 PM

You need a chill pill stat, buddy. Or read the article with comprehension. Either of the two.

Article 2/15/17, 2:58 PM

You have a point there ofc, and as you mentioned, I myself have been on the opinion that players have damaged the game in the past. But this isn't really a bash on RNG, it's one guy bashing another. Yes, it looks like it's damaging the game, but ultimately I think it does more good than bad, at least in the short term.

Article 2/14/17, 12:24 PM

Your commentary on how to do the job I've been doing for 7 years is appreciated, especially with that very Donald Trump-esque ending.

Article 2/13/17, 1:40 PM

Oh, there's no argument about that, ofc they should. This whole drama is on VSPN (the production company) for botching the stage setup

Article 1/24/17, 3:07 PM

The tournament is over

Article 1/23/17, 9:09 PM

What's the status of this game guys?

Match 1/18/17, 6:40 PM