OMG its Garter ;D gl man hope you win this

Article 2/28/17, 11:43 AM

i just hope that this bullshit model of esport never get taken seriously why ? cuz its not how other sports work in this bullshit "dota2" game you spend years training and you wake up one day and you realize you have to learn stupid game again - mb look fun and ok for pub gamers but in pro scene you play own or you dont play at all ----------------------- btw i think lol players are now more familiar with "dota2" map than any dota player

Article 12/18/16, 3:33 PM

chinese kicks old school players now they can delete dota

Article 12/9/16, 2:55 AM


Article 11/29/16, 2:04 AM

however they shufle , they end up with this roster +/-1

Article 11/24/16, 12:04 AM

"...however it’s not yet decided if he will also take the team’s leadership." ofc its ARTSTYLE :))

Article 11/19/16, 5:24 AM

true that solo mmr means only that player is tryhard

Article 11/7/16, 3:08 AM

Go Go Garter and ProDota Good luck !

Article 10/26/16, 6:43 PM