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RTZ has been statistically the number 1 farming carry in competitive Dota over the last year, why would you kick him? That would be like kicking Steph Curry out of the Warriors

Article 3/8/16, 9:23 AM

I see your an EG fan so I'll direct this to you, the only way they will win the next major is if they change positions. Put RTZ back at mid, Fear back as the 1 position, and Sumail as a greedy support, like what they did with Aui. Overall I think Sumail's performance this major was lacklustre, but wasn't entirely his own fault as PPD drafted a 4 protect 1 kind of strategy in a couple of games, which left him out of sorts and no way to catch up (which he usually can). What are your thoughts??

Article 3/7/16, 8:35 AM

Xboct will come over to Team Spirit, Illidan will go over to Empire

Article 3/5/16, 11:20 PM

I've re-evaluated the idea, and believe the text shouild allow for one spawn per full health patron for turn. So the card would read something like "Each time a full health Grim Patron survives damage, summon a copy once per turn" TADA *balanced*

Article 10/14/15, 5:11 PM

I say yes, but i preface by saying 'It's dominance' has gone on for far to long without any nerfs. And numerous tournaments have been run and won on the back of this deck, across quite an unusually high amount of seasons. Doing the change this close to a major tournament is as questionable as leaving the deck unchecked, but it's obvious they want more TGT inclusive decks to make an appearance at Blizzcon at very least, and this is one way to do that. Lastly i think the nerf to commander itself is a mistake, i believe that the change need be only as simple as allowing patrons to spawn once per instance of damage ie: whirlwind, inner rage, deathsbite. Allowing mutliple instances of damage/multiple spawns is what made the deck non-interactive, whereby you could have no board presence, your opponent can be at full health + and still win the game. Death to shenanigans

Article 10/13/15, 9:12 PM

I literally made an account just so i can comment on this. THANK FUCK! He has questionable drafting skills, and his individual gaming skills could have been bested by Sheever. However this isnt NA'Vi's main issue, its the mentality of Dendi and Xboct, they are clearly not reading off the same page with their team fights and decision making overall. Im gonna call it now, NA'Vi won't qualify for TI

Article 3/25/15, 10:02 PM
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