• Name Ernest Marvin Esteban
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  • Date of birth Feb 9, 1988
  • Primary game Dota 2

peacekeeper05's activity

Lol. Of course not. Starladder is not in any way connected to the Major's. They gave out invites to other more popular teams but it's obvious those teams rejected it since it's a fairly small tournament.

Article 4/10/16, 6:13 AM

Secret rejected the invite bacause ESL One Manila is just almost a week after the SL ileague. To avoid player fatigue they chose what tournament to participate to. SL ileague is a very small tournament in terms of cash prize and they'd rather pratice for the upcmoning ESL One Manila, Epicenter and of course Manila Major. I think it's the same for EG and other tier one teams who are not in the list of invited teams in SL iLeague.

Article 4/10/16, 6:09 AM

The only person I like in Ehome now gone? Am I the only person who likes CTY as carry?

Article 3/9/16, 5:15 AM

Only in some parts of Manila like quiapo, baclaran etc. The bay Area is somewhat a very safe and secured place. The public transpo situation is nasty though so I advice tourists to use grab car to get places in Manila. I don't know where you heard that Pinoys are rowdy. I swear we are not. We can be noisy but that's about it.

Article 3/9/16, 12:42 AM

^came from china. Credibility destroyed.

Article 3/9/16, 12:29 AM

8.5gbps is more than enough. Yes APEC is a different event but some of the venues like SM Mall of asia arena were used too. And there are way more people/media using it that time. My point is, PLDT was able to provide great internet that time So I am optimistic.

Article 3/8/16, 1:10 PM

What's great about this is ESL One Manila is like a test run of things that might happen. Although Manila Major and ESL One Manila are presented by different organizers, I think it's mostly the same since it will be held at the same venue. (Hope I make sense)

Article 3/8/16, 11:18 AM

To be fair I think PLDT ( going be the internet provider for the whole event most probably) is capable of providing really fast internet speeds. Last APEC was held in the same venue and probably the same hotels and the internet worked flawlessly. Now it's up to Valve and PGL to talk to them and pay them nicely. Besides the match will be done using LAN. http://www.pldt.com/news-center/article/2015/11/12/pldt-links-apec-meetings-with-up-to-8.5-gbps-connections#.Vt6j2Jx96Uk

Article 3/8/16, 11:11 AM
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