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Using the argument that I suck at SC won't prove your point. It will only reveal how insecure you are about the size of your pintu.

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Is it known what he has in mind?

Article 9/23/10, 8:19 AM

NO Blizzard how dare you put channels now I mean we want them but this is not HOW we want them I mean..... bwaaaa waaa etc.

Article 7/30/10, 2:44 PM

omg omg ;D

Article 7/30/10, 2:43 PM

I was critizing IdrA heavily in the past for his attitude and behavior. I totally agree with you guys. But. If a hundred people keep ranting over IdrA every day of the year 24/7 and even while asleep just because he doesn't like to type 'gg' or goes out of line here and there, then things change. Then it's not him who looks that stupid anymore, it's the hundred people who look incredibly stupid. It's ridiculous. Childish. Far worse than anything IdrA did or can do. It's almost perverted. Seriously.

Article 7/9/10, 11:32 AM

#29 I am saying that not typing gg isn't nearly as bad as people raging over that fact as if the world dependet on it. It's not like as if he had superstar status in which case it would be understandable that so many complain. You guys are making a drama out of it and it's ridiculous. I'm worried about you guys being so incredibly serious about that matter. That's so weird.

Article 7/8/10, 6:45 PM

lol, you guys ranting over some missing gg's are much much worse than IdrA not typing it. Seriously, you guys are weirdos. Holy crap.

Article 7/8/10, 10:43 AM

#69 Women fake complain about that. They love it, they enjoy the show. Don't ever take it seriously when they say that. If it made them angry they'd wear different clothes, it's that simple.

Article 6/20/10, 7:09 PM

What did she draw? I could only see the top of the screen, everything else disappeared.

Article 6/19/10, 10:33 PM
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