• Name John Doe
  • Location Russian Federation
  • Date of birth Jan 1, 1993
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Article 4/5/16, 1:17 PM

thats right

Page 1/2/16, 9:22 PM

actually nobody gives a shit about gosu crew who's been determining the winners, just a bunch of nonames, this award as well as their articles and interviews only confirm their unprofessionalism and retardiness. I'm here just for tournaments schedule

Page 1/2/16, 9:16 PM

I wanna see this, will there be a stream ?

Article 11/8/15, 2:03 PM

They does not refuse to recognize e-sports as a sport, conversely, they have recoginzed it and they demand betting sites to obey the law and be registered as a gambling organization.

Article 10/22/15, 8:00 PM

Ahahaha this post is a joke 4Head this is analytics squad EleGiggle gosugamers crew actually retarded FailFish

Article 10/15/15, 12:02 AM

noone cares about NA dota since even EG is in a dumpster EleGiggle , btw fear's son may have potential RuleFive

Article 10/9/15, 3:26 PM

who cares

Article 10/7/15, 2:11 PM
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