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Idk whether there is something seriously wrong with Chinese dota in general or simply because the Chinese representatives in this TI just underperformed horribly due to poor adaptation with the current meta. Newbee is a shadow of its former self , and honestly the team never did well against western teams, only their Chinese counterparts. iG is just weak, from draft to play. Their placement should have been filled by LFY, who perhaps might have had a better run. And VG is no top tier material, despite having 2 great Chinese dota veterans and young talents like Eleven and Paparazi. Long gone are the days when Chinese teams simply had superior draft every single time against western teams, or at the very least, on par and they overcame their opponents with better teamfight, discipline and even personal skills. The line of new Chinese talents are far and few between while the older generations dwindled so much over the last couple of years. PSG.LGD remains the shiniest beacon of hope for Chinese fans though their performance through group stage looks quite shaky. Just last year 3 teams among top 4 of TI7 were Chinese teams , one has to wonder wth happened .

Article 8/20/18, 2:50 AM

man, i LOLed so hard at ur comment. What a salvage but funny as hell. Stil, gotta respect the dedication those Korean kids put in their game

Article 10/20/17, 6:53 AM

Mushi and icex3 really deserve to win a TI, gogo guys gl next year =)

Article 8/20/17, 5:57 PM

The effect of this release to every teams is unpredictable but one thing for sure is that it will affect players' state of mind alot, especially the captains/drafters and supports. IMO, when the stake is so high , it's natural that the professional level/seriousness rises to a whole new level. There should be no obscured things anymore, every little details of each team will eventually come to light, be known by every team and analyzed/studied extensively .

Article 7/25/15, 10:14 PM

by that u mean mc donald xD ?

Article 7/16/15, 12:41 AM

why not " can vg possibly beat secret" o_o ?

Article 5/15/15, 2:13 AM

IG seems to be mindfucked -_-...

Match 2/5/15, 6:14 AM

IG's drafting is incredibly shitty. Too greedy, too many denial picks, tried to mimic secret at managing map resource but ended up play a half ass dota: not either pushing or ganking nor farming....

Match 2/5/15, 5:18 AM
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