Mvp lose right if they lose all of my banches well ve gone my 1k branch

Match 3/29/15, 3:04 PM

We are using phone :D just keeep up the update

Match 3/29/15, 2:58 PM

Ez win for Eg coz sumail , universe and fear got this

Match 3/29/15, 2:34 PM

Wohoho .... go zues wrath more :3

Match 3/29/15, 2:28 PM

Go signature trust

Match 3/29/15, 3:44 AM

This is hard arcanys had a bad game just look at there past encounters and there history. Full of Red colors then csw so oli go csw in this

Match 3/29/15, 3:34 AM

Yup I'm still 12yr old so? Do you have a problem

Match 3/29/15, 3:25 AM

Hi guys I'm back baby and no more class wohoho.... vacation time and. You think VP can win this? I thinkk not coz Team Empire will REKT VP coz vp is bunch of noobs

Match 3/28/15, 1:41 PM