• Name David Lemonakis
  • Location Denmark
  • Date of birth Aug 4, 1993
  • Primary game Dota 2

InsaneeGoat's activity

Again, did u watch DAC dude???

Article 6/29/15, 3:44 PM

Did u watch DAC dude?

Article 6/29/15, 3:43 PM

Are u stupid or something?! I can't share my opinion without a bellend like you accusing me of speaking for the dota community????? If you have a different opinion, then share it without making half-ass assumptions about me!...

Article 6/29/15, 3:42 PM

I totally agree with you! Imo, only the most professional & top casters should be invited so, besides the russian casters on the above list, the rest does honestly not deserve to be there. They're simply not good enough! Xyclopz commentating, + his bad accent, does not make him qualified for TI5. Blaze, Maut & Lysander are tier 2 casters, which every1 who follows the competitive scene closely knows! SUNSfan going to TI can be discussed, since he has an enormous knowledge of dota and the competitive scene but, besides that, all the english casters, analysts etc. has been spot-on so far... With the exception of KotLGuy, until the reasons for his invite is announced (meaning if he got announced by Valve after the community publicly voiced their rage of him not getting an invite, it's a joke. He should've been announced with the others in the "first wave" :-)).

Article 6/29/15, 1:38 AM

Because xyclopz accent makes it impossible to understand him 80% of the time...

Article 6/27/15, 2:56 PM

Add Sheever, KotLGuy & ODPixel to that line-up and TI5 is secured!

Article 6/26/15, 11:53 PM

With all the money the community spends on dota, myself included of course, i have to wait weeks for it to be available on Mac.... I'll be "one of the noobs" when it's released.... *sigh*

Article 6/19/15, 12:10 AM

This VG team is going to be winning TI5, they are simply the best team ever so far.

Article 5/14/15, 1:09 AM
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