• Name Thaqif Teuku
  • Location Malaysia
  • Date of birth Jan 10, 1993
  • Primary game Dota 2

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I just hope it's Net's decision to leave. He could step down from the carry role and still help the team as a sub. If I learned he's kicked out from the organization, screw them!

Article 5/7/16, 6:44 PM

Adaprofine? Kinda sounds like Ibuprofen. Pain killer, but probably mixed with something as relief to flu and body pains. all medical sht aside, it's probably the Chinese New Year (THE holiday for them, not just a regular holiday) ruined their work ethic, hence, their poorer performance at this Major. I understand theyre not dominating as they used to, but no Chinese teams at top 8 is an eyesore. Definitely they will come back stronger.

Article 3/5/16, 2:40 AM

As far as I know, Net plays alot with Black, so if Black is certain to go to Fnatic, then it's Net as another Msian aside from Mushi and Ohaiyo MasterRamen confirms it's 3 Msian, 1 European, 1 Pinoy That 1 Pinoy is still currently mystery. Idk may I ask you Pinoy friends who will be the Pinoy on Fnatic stack? Ryoyr denied that he's the one according to his twitter ninjaboogie is currently on a stack with XtiNcT (and Slickz) I believe Jeyo is currently on an NA squad with Fluff, prolly another iteration of FireDota I hope it's Chrissy. He's so good. Has an Io support, so he can be paired up with Net as support. Or probably Jay/Bimbo, although he's present at Mineski now, he's on and off with their tournament operations lately it seems. Problem is he might be mid and Mushi will play support? Or Ohaiyo will play support based on his Dotabuff recently played heroes? Anyone beside those two Pinoys might be a downgrade from Johnny. Fingers crossed.

Article 8/26/15, 3:37 AM

and PaperChicken once reached Top10 MMR i believe, either way, these people are really good individually, maybe sort of like BBC's team composiion sadly, SEA competition is weaker than EU competition, that's why TNC is getting better results than BBC still, good luck to them

Match 5/29/15, 9:39 AM

What now Meracle? TNC not deserving you say? It should've been Invasion and TNC as SEA invites, not 5eva and TNC Singaporean attitude like that is why Pinoys are flaming us Malaysians Can't show good results like Mushi and Jeyo, hide into another flag then flame one another Don't reply "butthurt", between us and Pinoys, you Singaporeans are the trash of the three Go home 4eva!

Match 5/29/15, 9:32 AM

I want to rant. TNC Defeats Rave TNC is Pinoy Rave is Korean (Some are Pinoy players yes, but 2/5 are from NA) Still other nations flame Peenoise cuz of Rave which is technically not pure Pinoy team Peenoise in return call us Malayshits cmon we're not flaming you Pinoys, i even want to congratulate TNC for winning just open your mind and not all ppl who are flaming you are Malaysians some are Singaporeans or other nations hiding on Malaysian/Pinoy flag then make a flamebait to Pinoys then you flame us in return? u're just too sensitive don't mind them haters. U're even cheering for a wrong team. Rave is Korean team playing in Korea manager is Korean,team composition 2/5 North American. Accept it. Go for TNC much better Pinoy representation. Like the awesome Team Malaysia. ciao!

Article 5/25/15, 11:49 AM

OMG really happy right now! THIS cemented MY's bid for TI5 invite

Match 4/24/15, 9:01 PM

Rave got no practice having visa application issues. THAT and Underminer's success last time vs. them will seal them the win once again! BET on Underminer low risk high reward!

Match 4/5/15, 1:48 AM
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