Looks the same as scbw

Article 4/1/08, 12:13 AM

Great work!

Article 3/30/08, 9:47 PM


Article 3/30/08, 9:46 PM

I think I read that storms are going to be fixed. Definitely needs fixing..

Article 3/27/08, 1:44 AM

Bisu got owned.

Article 3/21/08, 12:30 AM

YAY, he makes it so much more fun :)

Article 3/19/08, 11:06 PM

I dont like idle worker select. Idles are one thing that makes sc challenging, but other than that, good batch :)

Article 2/5/08, 1:39 AM

Nice, I dont really think abilities in bunker is necessary. Question 3 was kind of stupid, i dont think they would only allow 1 :l

Article 9/29/07, 5:13 AM