@64 it says the bunker build time is just for the PTR

Article 12/4/10, 7:43 PM

LOL $500 ENTRANCE TICKET. Good luck, I can't see this tournament working out well at all... I don't know anyone that would take $500 out of their own pocket for this, and I doubt any teams are willing to pay for travel, and this entrance fee for several players at an event that nobody has heard of..

Article 11/11/10, 5:16 PM

yea, DJwheat does a good job, but his knowledge of SC2 isn't as good as Day9's :p

Article 11/6/10, 5:52 AM

:\ gogo nrg

Article 11/6/10, 12:04 AM

cool, doubt i can play on this day but it should be interesting to see who qualifies.

Article 10/28/10, 10:27 PM

grandmaster league fighting~~

Article 10/24/10, 8:51 AM

mad respect to that guy, must have taken forever..

Article 10/11/10, 8:06 PM

These changes are really pretty original, and while I like the roach range I think that would deal with reaper rushes and the whole supply before reaper thing is unnecessary.

Article 10/7/10, 9:20 PM