• Name Constantin Shab
  • Location Russian Federation
  • Date of birth Feb 26, 1992
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Malfurion is plainly broken, his ulti takes about 1\4 of hp percentage, which is HUGE for a support. Not even mention these devilish roots which are working even better than Tass's wall. And healing is quite decent. Malf needs nerf so badly

Article 2/25/17, 10:59 AM

Swindlez sweared ez 4-0 for coL team It was ez indeed EleGiggle

Article 8/3/16, 7:56 AM

If Tracer's escape potential seems a loot weaker, can we nerf f*cking Falstad escape potential as well? Also, Kael gonna be niche pick for he is almost completely erased of single target damage...

Article 8/2/16, 9:32 AM

Balance team's work: 1) Buff hero till OPness 2) Look at the pickrate and winrate of OP heroes 3) Say OMG 4) Nerf those heroes back to initial state LOL

Article 7/22/16, 9:17 AM

Only one question: Where is Slark nerf??

Article 5/8/16, 11:31 AM

Honestly, this Artanis buff not even close to bring him even to tier 2 hero. This basic charge radius is just abysmal; you can pursuit only melees, cause it's like... +15% to autoattack radius. So to punish range squishies, you still have to pick up lvl 16 talent for charge radius increasion. To say i'm dissappointed... means say nothing\

Article 4/21/16, 12:53 PM

Mirana is Tuxedo Mask now lol

Article 4/4/16, 6:34 AM

Just LMAO with this article. SRSLY? BALANCED? There don't even mentioned Rhegar, who is like 63% winrate. NO OTHER SUPPORT VIABLE NOWADAYS. Even my fav Terran medic dropped from 50 to 45%, due to this green broken ass. Diablo is much more op than other tanks, respectively, due to his ability to break positioning and extremely big hp pool and dmg. They should nerf top-3 of hero ladder, not Kael, who is now absolutely dethroned by this arcane slut.

Article 2/12/16, 9:45 AM
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