DC is EU and everyone knows it

Article 1/9/17, 1:38 PM

top 2 = crushed, both top 2 was EU

Article 12/10/16, 12:02 PM

after shanghai they still got crushed at manila, really only China had one good performance which was ti6 and it was really only wings best team at the time

Article 12/10/16, 10:20 AM

VP is still good, its just an unlucky draw for them, look at who all the other first placers from the group played in quarters, I think EG is easily the strongest, VP has a lot to learn but they will only get better, I think game 2 was easily their's and they just panicked cos no-one used his bb, dont think he shouldve bought rapier, they were technically still ahead at that point cos eg just used 4 bb's, its only natural that this young team cracked under pressure against one of the best in the world, WP to EG though, they are looking really good from both a draft perspective and playstyle

Article 12/10/16, 1:42 AM

only director 8 can save them now

Article 12/9/16, 6:20 AM

the problem is vp has a few key heroes which they almost always win on, like disruptor naix sd dk slardar weaver, and you can't ban all of them, i like what igv tried to do in game 1 where they just 5 manned and didn't allow vp to get an early lead, but vp's teamfight coordination is probably the best of any team atm

Article 12/8/16, 2:38 PM

yeah i agree, i think ig.v was quite unlucky not to win game 2, but then again VP did the same thing to NewBee in game 2, VP just finds a way to win in the late game, they have very polished decision-making, look at how aggressive solo initiates on IG.V even though VP is weaker at that point, he knows if they lose that fight its gg but if they win they will force BB's (this is CIS mentality), yeah the problem in the CIS region is putting together a strong team, the talent is there but for a while the managers didn't pool 5 synergistic players together

Article 12/8/16, 12:32 PM

not really weakness, alchemist is just a super strong hero, vp killed him early blocked his camps and it doesn't mean anything he still gets 13 min radiance cos hes just OP hero (has 90% win rate or something), i actually think the fact they beat an alchemist shows how good they are because i think ig.v draft was way better for game 2 but vp still won, i think if vp ban alchemist against eg they have really good chance of winning

Article 12/8/16, 3:49 AM