Well for the purpose of dota 2, china is considered a region, its comparable to all of Europe or America of SEA because the numnber of players there is so high, I mean I can say Russia had 50 chess world champions and rest of world has 20 but it's unfair comparison because Russia has so many chess players there, comparing to china to any other country is meaningless, no other country has their own region

Article 8/14/17, 7:29 AM

well VP is unlucky to meet Liquid so early, they would have been top 4

Article 8/13/17, 9:17 AM

liquid the most consistent team, which is often what you need to win the big tournaments

Article 8/13/17, 6:57 AM

We are yet to see whos meta this will be, have to wait for TI 7 to see that.

Article 7/11/17, 10:28 AM

that was a fluke win

Article 5/1/17, 12:04 PM

It's not impossible for anyone to beat anyone, but VP is playing much better than IG.V in this tournament, it would be a huge upset if they beat VP, No-one is also 9k mmr, along with ramzes, don't worry too much about their mmrs, VP is drafting strongly atm and IG.V would need a pocket strat to beat them

Article 4/26/17, 10:27 AM

DC is EU (has 4 EU players), finished 2nd at last ti, better than SEA

Article 2/4/17, 3:11 AM

the tournament was 2 years ago and EG's roster is way different now, there is probably more cause to invite DC because of better recent performances

Article 1/10/17, 3:54 PM