• Name badescu alin
  • Location Romania
  • Date of birth Sep 18, 1989
  • Primary game DotA

skengma3hn's activity

you guys so rude to rtz ! c`mon he just wanted to go back to his jacuzzi, f**k dota ,f**k major ! rtz fkn party all day in da JACUUZZI ! WHERE MY BITCHES AT ~kappa

Article 6/7/16, 9:10 PM

"VG won't be making changes to the #Dota2 roster, so people can stop with the "KICK <<insert playername>> PLZ" until next spring." dont kick Super !NEVAHHHHH ! kick all of them but keep super its ok VG u got 4 imba players B-God , Motherfucking icex3 ,F-God and true zuppa lerking Fenrir , why not have a trash like Super i mean , VG having 5 good players is too much. RIP VG!

Article 11/28/15, 5:14 AM

if ur mother never told how retarded u are it means the bitch doesnt love u :(

Article 11/22/15, 1:12 PM

dude he doesnt have a fkn passport not the visa is the problem

Article 11/3/15, 7:59 PM

no more 2nd place MEME for EE sama hey hey ! that w33ha IMBATRON8k++

Article 11/2/15, 12:16 AM

Vega won ESL New York fkn noob fangays cause Vega is the BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD

Article 11/2/15, 12:15 AM

nu paria aici bro nu se merita mereu raman itemele blocate e si riscu sa le pierzi alte optiuni dota2bestyolo si vpgame . dota2bestyolo e cel mai ciudat tot timpu primesti in + sau in - fata de value care tre sa`l primesti . eu nu ma plang daca iau mai putin la un pariu urmatoru pariu e pe + si invers e un echilibru bun . folosesc de 2 ani d2l /dota2bestyolo/vpgame si 0 probleme in schimb aici am pariat de vreo 10 ori - de 2 ori am asteptat mai bine de 2 sapt sa`mi iau itemele inapoi si o data am ramas fara 4,48$ folosesc situ doar pt informatii

Match 10/25/15, 1:47 PM

rtz ur a natural born loser cant believe ppl really watch ur lame stream guess losers are atracted by losers :O enjoy all ur noob fans who give a fuck about u cause all pros know ur a shit fuck sad stupid kid

Stream 10/25/15, 11:11 AM
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