• Name slim shady
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Oct 2, 1992
  • Primary game Dota 2

HitmanFLUFFY's activity

and your english makes me want to force my eternal sleep

Article 3/24/16, 1:39 PM

that guy deserves all the hate rants towards him especially the way he respond to the dota community of ph!!! A 4k scrub like may not be on his level but there are other high mmr pinoy players that can play better than him and has better attitude towards the game.

Article 3/22/16, 2:06 AM

after they use tnc strat they started rolling on wins, wp sea!! kappa pride

Article 3/21/16, 8:45 AM

MVP had a hard time finding scrims, other team don't want to practice with them cause they thaught it would be useless now it backfired. They dont know what to ban and how to play against MVP!!! KARMA

Article 2/25/16, 4:37 PM

Changing roles was inevitable from fnatic, i mean its difficult to play mid and be the captain unless your s4 kappa. Fnatic did good in some games but crumble at 5th game. And what i don't get was why would you let ohaiyo play broodmother? with all due respect to ohaiyo he is a decent offlaner but his broodmother was bad.

Article 11/5/15, 8:10 AM

Dendi has a percent of his blood peenoy maybe .000001% ergo he is peeenoy. check his tweeter kappa

Article 8/27/15, 6:34 AM

I think communication will be a major problem but nothing they can't handle. I watched a video of them playing and you can notice black and chrissy are somewhat out of place. Ohaiyo was screaming and black's face was like wtf. hahaha you can see it on mushi's fb page

Article 8/27/15, 6:30 AM

Show the USA immigration officers the price pool. That should resolve the issue. I mean 16 fucking million dollars!!!

Article 7/13/15, 1:55 PM
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