• Name Conah Taylor
  • Location United Kingdom
  • Date of birth Dec 15, 1995
  • Primary game Dota 2

SKLuMP's activity

Definitely no VG players (so no Sylar or Burning) because they are only recently signing their contracts so unless their contracts are bought out (not cheap considering they are in the top two most valuable VG players) it is not happening. The only possibility for Net to join is if he joins as support and signs cheaper than any homegrown Chinese talent. I believe they will be looking at ZSMJ first and foremost. He has experience with the team and was a part of old EHOME. He is a veteran carry and better yet he is a free agent due to him leaving WFG.

Article 5/12/16, 4:22 PM

This team is going to be trash

Article 5/12/16, 4:15 PM

Replacing Lil with NoFear? Very dumb move. I agree with yoky for DkPhobos. It wouldn't surprise me now if they pick up ALOHADANCE to play carry whilst Silent is in the reserves.

Article 3/25/16, 1:32 PM

the morphling & ursa was ritsu not kikoni

Match 3/22/16, 8:55 AM

In continuation Vega should offer him a coaching & sub role. He has said that he is friends with their players and there is trust between them. Vega is a good organisation and you wouldn't find many other players in the CIS region who would have the experience and stability to coach their team. It gives XBOCT a chance to learn new things and improve in a backseat role whilst in exchange he can help his friends improve as a team.

Article 3/13/16, 11:05 PM

I think it is best for him to take a break from the competitive scene to improve himself. If he wants to play offlane then now he can in pubs to improve his understanding and mechanical skill in this role. He got too comfortable in Na`Vi with the stable salary and did not have to grind and keep up with the times like other players. I am not knocking him overall as a player but this is a time for reflection for him and I don't think he should rush into a new team after his experience with Empire.

Article 3/13/16, 10:50 PM

completely agree. nobody discusses anything in the forums anymore, i made some attempts in the past to put up threads to discuss but no replies. it's just become an outlet for advertising media and looking for teams. it just sucks. everyone has moved elsewhere at this point. the change to the forums was unnecessary and it's ruined it.

Article 1/30/16, 1:13 PM

All we need is Bruno as a replacement for Nahaz and this might be the most enjoyable tournie for a long time.

Article 1/22/16, 7:52 PM
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