Polish Broodwar Players = Improves Polish War Effort poor sp1ral.. anyways yeah.. this not upset of the year.. China's Earthquake is the upset of the year.. this is a suprice.. like you where hoping a pink vertical lip and found out that it was a gigantic German Frank.. and yeah.. mondi was a bit over-rated.. i wish draco will win and i hope mondi will get his beer..

Article 5/17/08, 4:36 AM

you dont get angry on the person who invented the knife.. you pour your anger to the person who used the knife to kill other people.. OMG some people are just too shallow-minded..

Article 5/10/08, 3:28 PM

wooot~ and yeah.. people kill people.. Colt didn't kill people if you dont know Colt. Well he invented the 1st automatic hand gun and was first tested by occupying soldiers of US in the Philippines.. its zynastor=colt or kalashnikov=colt.. lol hack FTW!

Article 5/10/08, 7:53 AM

damn.. i just read all of those childish comments.. why did StormTosS forfeit? i mean, why not re-play it? thats why your called a "pro". and this whats happen to unequal news.. l0l also, spiders sucks.. i hate them more than cockroaches..

Article 7/17/07, 6:20 PM

Bisu FTW!!! #15 yeah.. mistrZZZ will own their korean ass.. jk!

Article 7/2/07, 5:36 PM

mistrzzz vs draco would be good ^^

Article 6/27/07, 4:26 AM

whiners really can't accept changed.. but i would like to know what will happen to bw if sc2 will be out.. XD

Article 6/23/07, 3:41 AM