Leta's loss was understandable but WTF was with Pusan? seriously .. any C- player could have done better defending that Standard opening .. O>o

Article 3/11/10, 3:12 AM

i love rush games :D it keeps you on your toes :D

Article 3/11/10, 3:03 AM


Article 3/10/10, 12:26 AM

abuser .. Warp gaters .. :D

Article 3/8/10, 6:06 PM

wow this is the 2nd news that fails e-sport, the first being blizzard vs kespa .. seriously, if this goes on, they dont respect Starcraft being the forerunner of E-sport around the world. WCG wouldn't have happen if it wasn't for starcraft and korea's idea of televised games. this is bullshit ..

Article 3/8/10, 5:47 PM

wow im surprised to read this guys answer. high-level game is'n't just about the APM, its the decision making that comes along with it. does he think that what high-apm players do is just spam? this doesn't sound like a former progamer to me .. sure he was good at his time. but look at how SC:BW today. look at flash, jaedong, bisu and with their high APM skills. its like he doesn't have any idea about the SC pro scene today .. maybe he cant watch anymore from jon747 also Boxer dominated the early SC scene because he thinks faster and yet he has low apm. this is a shit interview imo. not what i would expect from a former progamer.

Article 3/7/10, 6:34 AM

#114 dude .. look at what you are posting .. its like your saying your not gonna eat shit yet you have shit all over your mouth ..

Article 3/5/10, 2:48 AM

Its a game for players .. not gamers .. seeing another WC3 in the making :D GLHF ..

Article 3/4/10, 4:14 AM