wowww!!!!go el classico go

Match 6/23/16, 5:43 PM

I vote OG for the win, I think it maybe hard game for them cuz Liquid is strong too. This game is 50-50

Match 6/12/16, 8:25 AM

no vod for this match??:S

Match 6/11/16, 9:53 PM

u gotta be freaking kiddin me...:S

Article 3/26/16, 3:13 AM

all in vp

Match 2/10/16, 10:33 AM

"CDEC ALLTHEWAY don't trust me and not need your thank" LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!someone please throw this 13 year old kid in the sea pls...not need your thank, i repeat no need your thank...LMAOROTFBTCSTCNDBFOOTWIFOAGWLLBGWTHROOTSAIAKBAYB dont predict pls noob...u still need to suck your mom's milk cuz u still dont have enough dna from your retarded mom...rofl

Match 2/6/16, 6:53 PM

u think vg will win??dont predict match pls u noob...u juz a bad shitty 1k noob...pleasseeee, dont predict, u loser, u wanna make me puke

Match 2/6/16, 6:48 PM

sad no one reply for u, cuz u juz a 1k scrub noob

Match 2/6/16, 6:47 PM