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ELKY! man this guy made millions in poker. why are you still thinking of coming back to sc at all?

Article 10/21/10, 5:20 AM

for protoss players. If you can use the force field correctly you can still fight off the roaches pretty easily. (which you didnt have to use correctly before because they had fucking 3 range.(almost the length of force field itself) Now you have to micro just like other races. Welcome

Article 10/16/10, 6:20 AM

Protoss players : OH MY GOD! stupid blizzard. Now I cant win with my very well thought awesome 4warpgate timing pushes against zerg. Because roach is OP. I also cant get an auto-win when I hide my stargate and make 3 voidrays with my 400 apm! Terran players: OH MY GOD! Now I cant go 5 rax spamming Reaper with ridiculous speed, go in and kill everything with one of the hardest micros of the game! Besides my maruaders will take 1.5 more seconds to kill buildings! Oh God Blizzard. You just killed the fucking game.

Article 10/15/10, 3:46 AM

ChRh :O This guy was awesome back in his prime.

Article 10/7/10, 2:41 AM

i agree with #24. on maps such as kulas ravine, zerg has no chance whatsoever against a large p force. The only thing that you can do is to make a lot of brood lords and back them up with infestors and roach hydra army which is strong enough to hold against colo/gateway units/psi storm. Even in that case while p is basically spamming storms and maaay be blinking on a nice position to snipe the broods zerg has to do a lot of micro to counter. In every other 200/200 situation where zerg doesnt have brood lords, all protoss has to do is attack click and spam storms against most unit composition zerg has to offer.

Article 10/1/10, 1:17 AM

pheonix bug is really annoying. how the fuck do they release these patches without testing. It happened in my first game ever after the patch

Article 9/29/10, 5:40 AM

This game is becoming a huge failure for blizzard. But when I read the comments I also realized how many retarded people play this game as well, who cant even read the patch notes but still whine. Dear protoss fellows : the warpgate nerf is applied just for zealots. Build time was increased because you were abusing fast zealot rushes against zerg where zerg has to adapt and take unnecessary actions and goes behind automatically. Dear Terran Whiners who are claiming that zerg is doing good on korean servers; Just watch how one of the best zerg players out there "FruitSeller" is being abused to hell by HolyCheck or Maka on korean progaming level. Dear zerg whiners: lings/blings are pretty durable now against tanks (They dont all die to splash damage directly). and use ultras before they fix it. Its fucking funny

Article 9/23/10, 8:13 PM

#21 I cant find the words to say how much I agree with you. Whatever balance changes like reducing the damage of a unit, or increasing speed build time etc. you can bring to the game, Zerg will still suck. So sad that I started playing zerg. Having to spread creep all over the place while any good player directly kills the tumors really kills your ability to micro against many army compositions. I am a bw player and I liked how you could counter a great number of unit compositions even with units that are actually not designed to be direct counters. In sc2, I cant micro my way against a colossi / gateway army composition with hydra roach and stuff. Make the most beautiful arc in the world, colossi steps back with the army your arc is gone while colossus is dealing a shit load of damage. So you transition into fungal growth(that is if you can reach colossus without being sniped) or corruptors. The idea of having one unit as a direct counter of another unit IS STUPID. The game should be more balanced in that sense. Maruaders are eating roaches for breakfast. Roaches eat zealots for breakfast. you should be atleast micro your way instead of being absolutely crushed against a wrong army composition. That is why, when your opponent goes on largely one type of army composition that you did not scout properly or did not realize the transition, you auto-lose even if you got the better skill After a lot of blablablabla , what I am trying to say is BW is still far better than SC2.

Article 9/15/10, 8:43 PM
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