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Article 10/20/10, 12:29 PM

game 2: "Why is he gettin upgrade for weapons if he has only 4 units?" (for toss player). Well, when do you want for him to star upgrading? :D when he reached teh limit? p.s. sorry for bitchin, but dude doesnt know what hes talking about :P

Article 10/17/10, 11:39 PM


Article 10/17/10, 9:40 PM

how can you POSSIBLE see any bad highlights in this one?... you ought to be happy for the whole damn community which has been fighting cheaters from the begining. Yes, they will make money out of it, and yes, some nerdie programers who are used to hack everything will be scared to move, but looking from simple gamers, which this community is, point of view, once again, you ought to be happy. On making money side, how can you be so naive? i understand if you're 12 or something and beleave that world spins on love and friendship. They made the damn thing in the begining to make money, support thier business, WHICH brings you those awesome games, and loads of freakin houres of awesomeness. P.S. Moreover, you playing the game and bitchin how thier making money, is the same thing like overweight bitch whos blaming mcdonalds for making her fat while eating super size burger and drinking a galon of coce...

Article 10/17/10, 8:42 PM

#17 +1 all that crap 'bout balacing the game.. shit, they've been makin buildings and new neutral creatures the whole time..

Article 12/4/09, 1:55 PM

actually we can start a new joke, similar to "Your mom is so fat that....". "by the time sc2 is out... "

Article 11/18/09, 8:46 PM

and then WC4 main base, however its called, can upgrade to space station. and we wont be needing sc2.... Q&A #100 GOGOGOGOG Edit: Gotta say that am not even reading them

Article 11/18/09, 8:32 PM

ohhhh its FAN ART work... srysrysrysrysrysrysyrysyrsyrysrysyr, thought blizzard... good work then guys ^^ keep it up :)

Article 11/18/09, 8:26 PM
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