• Name Johan Vallin
  • Location Sweden
  • Date of birth Sep 25, 1985
  • Primary game Dota 2
team leader for GoG

Aiur's activity

This is what is wrong overall IMO. Making individual payments will not help the E-sports getting attractive enough for all players. I mean even if they arent exactly the same skill level. They probably put in the exact same effort more or less.

Article 7/9/13, 9:14 AM

Cool hope to see some good games. P.S I agree with Nydra. It's funny how U.S citizens call themself American if they don't include the whole continent as Americans.

Article 7/9/13, 8:55 AM

Hes spot on when it comes to the story they used in d3. It's enjoyable mostly only because of the good quality cut scenes but it doesn't make much sence. Of all the chars I got most invested in Deckard kains adopted "neice" but she died and the main char you play as didnt get presented as much as it should of. Only game they deserve to get a movie script by is starcraft.

Article 7/26/12, 1:06 PM

That Blizzard post made me feel like they indeed have nothing left to give. I will not buy any other Diablo franchise game ever. SC2 though I guess I will atleast buy to play the story, other then that it has alot of game mechanics to enhance to compete with sc1 but they will not alter their precious game that much sadly. Blizzard focuses to much working force on wow falling behind in the standards of their new games, standing in the shades of other greater developers soon to take their spot as best gaming producer.

Article 7/26/12, 12:32 PM

hmm.. I belive Blizzard makes 1 of the biggest mistakes of the gaming industri history by using to much working force with the wow. Stop that old game already and focus on the new games and keep them up to the best standards. Or face it you guys will fall behind while other more competent companys will take over the title as the best gaming producer.

Article 7/26/12, 11:58 AM

XD no it was not trolling but I sincirely missed that it was from the community wich gave questions and not from you as it says "Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev 1 day ago ". Wich led me to conclude it was your post. Apparently it wasnt written by you and I should of followed the link below to the source :) I [b]apologise[/b] to you but my reaction is still the same. Can't belive they actually wanna talk to a community wich talks like this. They should summ up their questions or (hatred) and do it more civilized. I do belive posts like these do not belong in gosugamers standards and I'd rather see gosugamers do your own interviews in the future. I would even do it myself if you guys have somewhat a communication with blizzard somehow or not.

Article 6/22/12, 10:24 PM

I don't like these unproffesional "interviews" by Nydra they are everything else but objective. Mostly goes out into throwing shit at them instead of leading a conversation. Ontopic: Repairs should be alitle bit more expensive then before as he said but maybe they went alitle bit far. That's atleast what I think. They should of thought of a more D2 like experience when you have to pay more for deaths. How I think it would be successfully best way to implement it is when resurections occure, if you wanna gainback your previews gear you gotta pay somewhat close to what the repaircosts are at now at fullest. 30k ?

Article 6/22/12, 11:38 AM

like it is right now. The jeweler combinder is seriously worthless when the auktion house jeweles are so cheap. I would much rather want the jeweles to purely only be sold by the users not blizzard. (thats the way ive concluded it is right now anyway).

Article 6/7/12, 11:11 PM
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