VG is really bad nowadays i am surprised they play draw against mvph6 hope EG 2-0 VG

Match 7/28/15, 10:20 PM

Navi play good, and Col just outplayed em

Article 7/28/15, 10:18 PM

damn i hate bo2

Match 7/25/15, 7:40 PM

dat doto1 cheat

Article 5/10/15, 4:44 PM

VISA ISSUES INCOMING SL Organizer better find the replacement this 2 chinese teams

Article 3/26/15, 4:21 PM

wow i cant believe 4ASC can make into the 2nd phase

Article 3/1/15, 7:58 AM

underrated team vs super throws team

Match 2/15/15, 4:33 AM

"and the importance of a nice uniform." of course yes, they need to wear some nice suits, maybe like EG or Navi's jersey it will look more "formal"

Article 2/4/15, 11:51 AM