• Name Matt Yo
  • Location United States
  • Date of birth Apr 1, 1989
  • Primary game CS:GO
RedYo, Senior Coverage Team Member for CS:GO. Lover of beer, whiskey, CS:GO, and good music. I occasionally play Hearthstone as well. Possible stream coming in the future. That will be my only plug for now on that note. Random friend requests will most likely be ignored (Please PM me if you need something before adding). May the odds be in your favor.

RedYo's activity

Already on their way boys.

Match 7/26/15, 6:07 AM

Match has been cancelled.

Match 7/24/15, 4:14 AM

Bets are open.

Match 7/19/15, 5:05 PM

You have until the timer hits 5 minutes before the game starts.

Match 7/18/15, 8:49 PM

Not a problem. Best of luck to all! -RedYo

Match 7/16/15, 6:48 PM


Match 7/16/15, 6:41 PM


Match 7/16/15, 2:58 PM

Agent will have a 1 map advantage due to coming from Upper Bracket.

Match 7/14/15, 10:25 PM
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