• Name Max Mustermann
  • Location Germany
  • Date of birth May 26, 1986
  • Primary game Dota 2

s0ny4ace's activity

guess TT needs a roster change Kappa

Match 1/24/15, 12:10 AM


Match 1/23/15, 7:26 PM

EDIT: bulldog streams right now ... dont think he will play for alliance lawl ... guess ill dodge this bet ...

Match 12/15/14, 11:16 AM

haha lmfao u clearly didnt watched their last matches ...there is a reason they are 4:4 and havent even played against the best teams yet...

Match 12/14/14, 3:12 PM

like i said seems like vg doesnt play as if they would give a damn if they win or not ;) they might just play to execute new stuff.....test new strategies against top teams...dunno or they are "exhausted" like eg xD

Match 12/14/14, 11:37 AM

doesnt make sense what u are talking...... they wont fight ig cause 2 teams of each region will qualify..... so if they win here they are qualified for starladder..... i think they wont throw but keep trying new stuff ....+ they still can decide to not attend after they are qualified ( see fd @summit + they might want revenge for the earlier loss against CDEC ....only scary factor is that they dont give a damn if they lose or not ..... makes them less predictable...... which can be positiv and negativ .....) i think over all i would give VG definatly the edge ( they also love to comeback from lower bracket ) ...but well 74% is high ...maybe 65-70 so dunno bet low on cdec or trust vg ....

Match 12/14/14, 1:36 AM

feeling sry for those who bet on virtuos throw here ;(

Match 12/13/14, 5:36 PM

they played well ?? considering gomba gaming is even more trash tier than myinsanity...and still having problems ....yeah i dont know .... if the huskar didnt acttually sold his mask and bought a bkb so he could have dodged that ice path ... (and not a hot...) they might could have done better....game took way to long ..wasnt convincing at all for me.... EDIT: yeah only thing which suprised me was the good game against BU ( ex- AS) ....maybe they finalyl realized thats not good to start with 2:3 in starladder where u have 15 other teams competing with u...i still did a value bet on pr ... dont think vp has more than 60% here

Match 12/13/14, 4:06 PM
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