• Name Michal Depta
  • Location Slovakia
  • Date of birth Aug 4, 1982
  • Primary game DotA

Chliev's activity

But this is just the pre-qualification, so why do you stress out? After this, there will be 8 teams which advance to the NA/EU Qualification, with the top teams joining them I guess.

Article 7/29/13, 11:48 AM

I do not think it is fair to talk about this tournament as a joke. The prize pool was really nice, organisation wise, it was great (was there, was cool, just the grand final at 9:30 am was too early). Only two downsides were selling slots to some random countries with no dota history and second thing is, that we did have 2 qualifications for ESWC. The winners of them did not make it to ESWC. So why they are playing the qualification when they can't make it to the tournament? Then the ESWC had to fill the gasp with 3 French teams and the absence of Chinese team made this tournament in the end "not so competitive". You can not blame ESWC for everything.

Article 11/5/12, 9:01 AM

#30 If you would not have that LoL icon before your name, I would make a point but as I see, that you are just another LoL fanboy, it is not worthy. Your statement of not bringing anything new to the game is a total fail, just start dota client and game and you will see all that stuff what Valve brought to the game and they are still in the making of things. So play LoL, be happy that you have to pay to win and stop be a smartass. Dota players are happy how the things are developing in DOTA, enough said.

Article 10/13/12, 7:56 AM

Pure epicness!!!

Article 8/3/12, 10:15 AM

Great news, these guys deserved this chance although they did not surprise on the DH Summer, but they have done some nice result in the past days. Definitely looking forward to their progress.

Article 6/20/12, 7:16 PM

Vanity will be the winner, they always play well when they can win some tournament ;)

Article 2/5/11, 9:49 PM
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