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Dnacingwar you seem not to know how to read between the lines or to get the bigger picture and get lost in translation. In Na'Vi the last word is Zero Gravity's the long time CEO, he can kick Dendi if he wanted, but it's a fact that he gave him his trust to be his right hand in the DOta 2 department and Dendi's word matters 99%, since he is the one playing with the other guys. @Nodiri seems to understand perfectly, why can't you? Why wasn't General kicked, Sooneiko was defenitely the best player on the team, but maybe socially wasn't able to connect with the others or with Dendi, he's a more introvert guy, go watch all the interviews of Dendi 2016, he's always praising General that he is Vitya the Machina and how cool and funny he is. He aknowledges Sonneiko as being the most talented in the team, but you don't hear him talking about him like about General. I think Sonneiko didn't like stubborn Artstyle since he didn't want to play the heroes he wanted to draft for him, and maybe some bad blood between them since Son replaced him as draffter. Artsytle's other sup heroes are nowhere near the level of Chen and Ench, Sonn wanted them to transition in style, and he couldn't do that as long as Artstyle was on the team, I've seen those 2 having relatively heated exchanges during drafting phase when they switch cameras to players room. And I'm pretty sure Sonn wanted to leave cos of that, and Dendi wanted to keep him but got fed up with their arguments, so they ended up kicking Artstyle too. The Ditya kick i completely don't understand IMo he is a solid carry, maybe social reasons, maybe he's wierd i dunno, i think he was a package deal with Son, and ddin't want to stay if Son left. So Zero Gravity likes Dendi and always has from the start, because he is hard working, and has a lot of market brand value to Na'Vi, if he ever decides to sell Na'Vi to a big company.

Article 11/23/16, 11:41 AM

i think from CIS only sonneiko, ramzes and no.one are really really good world caliber players, easily up there in skill with anybody from EG or others, but CiS teams always had a problem in team chemistry, namely conflict management. I wish him luck but i don't see Vega squad having the same level of talent as Sooneiko. "9 fuckin K" support player not even cr1t or saska has that much. Mmr doesn't matter but it's hell of a hard time getting that high. This guy carried Navi so hard, and still Dendi kicked him. It must be Dendi since he always praised General for being nice and never mentioned soneiko, only said that he was godlike in skill. General wasn't kicked so it's safe to say he's(dondo) calling the shots, since Ditya and sonneiko both had better performance imo in the team and still got kicked, artsyle was a bit one dimensional and a drawback sometimes, so his kick was understandable.

Article 11/18/16, 7:00 PM

what? are you actually for real "human"? He has a salary for his work, so it's a pretty small thing to ask to write properly.

Article 10/27/16, 7:17 PM

i dunno who you hire in the editing department, not the first misspelled words on this site, quite frequent mistakes especially in titles. So dear Ben Tan & co. can you do your job?

Article 10/26/16, 6:17 PM

ramzes also achieved it today

Article 8/30/16, 9:44 PM

ahahah, are you a child? You think they ask each other for games, they see how they paly in officials, and sometimes they meet on pubs at an event. " Let us play before i decide to take you" :))

Article 8/29/16, 12:15 AM

i don't really like when 2 can paly mid and safe also. I'd rather have pure blood, than some1 like EE and rtz who don't know what they want, and confuse team also. Foreve is substancialy better than bulba or misery at offlane, bulba is not a player imo.

Article 8/28/16, 2:11 PM

so secret asked QO first, but he didn't want to join. Maybe only 1 player halfway over the world wouldn't have mattered, and QO was worth it, but 3??? How are they gonna bootcamp? How are they gonna communicate? Mp knows the best english from the 3, but he's highly unreliable as a person, Forev speaks only Korean, and midone can mumble some english. UNderstanding each otehr is more important than communication , so there may be a chance .. but this is very wierd, and the first Western team to assimilate Asian players.

Article 8/27/16, 10:32 PM
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