What questions would you like to see answered ^^?

Article 3/16/16, 11:24 PM

Blizzard should totally hire you!

Article 12/4/15, 12:55 PM

Thanks for spotting it, has been fixed!

Article 12/2/15, 4:41 PM

Wonder how often the relinquary seekers will get triggered

Article 11/21/15, 12:28 PM

It will be very tricky for hero league, Im guessing you can only play him in QM while partied up with a friend. Wonder if he will competitively played

Article 11/6/15, 10:39 PM

That 15k is divided over 2 tournaments :) ETS used to be EU only so we want to even the balance a bit.

Article 11/5/15, 4:02 PM

People are already asking for this character to be added to Heroes of the Storm xD

Article 10/30/15, 2:58 PM


Article 9/8/15, 10:26 PM