It's annoying but true that it's way easier for game designers to balance down through nerfs than up through buffs. Creates situations like this one we will have to deal with for a while.

Article 3/1/17, 1:44 AM

You can blame me for it if you wish, but please be respectful in comments section.

Article 2/22/17, 1:31 AM

Most likely no English Stream for this first edition. We will try to cover the progress of the event however!

Article 11/29/16, 2:50 PM

Thanks, we will totally consider hero guides!

Article 9/4/16, 9:58 PM

Thanks for spotting that typo :)

Article 6/27/16, 11:14 AM

Don't worry, they are playing in the NA Weekly on Sunday! 128 teams, including a lot of the top ones:

Article 6/12/16, 2:04 AM

The 64 team limit is final sadly, already larger than most other tournaments and an even bigger bracket could create some scheduling issues. Organizers are keeping it safe and familiar for the near future.

Article 5/19/16, 5:07 PM

Yes please!

Article 4/21/16, 8:21 PM