• Name RaĆ¼l Sirvent
  • Location Spain
  • Date of birth Nov 29, 1978
  • Primary game DotA
I have been part from the GosuGamers crew from 28-09-2007 until 13-07-2008. These 10 months have been great, we have achieved many good things, and I have met lots of people. DotA section is slowing down, and I did my best to keep going, to wait for a better time, but it never came. I love you all guys: Usagi, Amock, Nyme, UtherX, roaddog, Domi, kOoZiN, Kusel, Zork, Zulu, .... You are cool =). My old profile: [spoiler] I joined the GosuGamers Database and DotA GosuBet Team in 28-09-2007. I try to keep track of all results from interesting DotA tournaments, and, if clans tell me, or I find the information in advance, I put the match as a GosuBet, ofc :). I also try to update events information, all rosters and logos from DotA teams, but some clans don't even have a logo -_-'. This is like a "work in the shadows" but it makes the site look more fancy and I like it :P. I would like that all clan leaders (or managers), and all tournament admins send me an e-mail or a message with updates about their matches. In fact it would be good for all: my work would be easier, and they will have fans happy with the information about their matches. But, it's just a dream xDDD. Some of them have started doing it and it makes me happy (THANKS!!! :D). Also thanks to spontaneous contributors (Nyme, KinA, ...) :) A nice group from a friend of mine: http://www.myspace.com/dramametal <b>CONTACT</b> If you want to suggest a DotA GosuBet click [url=http://dota.gosugamers.net/gosubet/suggest_a_match/]HERE[/url] If you want to ask for any change in the Rankings Database (team members, logo, achievements, ...), you can send me a private message or use the support function in the site [url=http://dota.gosugamers.net/about/support]HERE[/url]. [/spoiler]
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