ok, thanks for the info, i've changed it

Article 7/15/15, 10:39 AM

In the screen shots posted on EHOME's qq, Cty was shown to have an Australian passport

Article 7/15/15, 6:19 AM

hmm, it seems i lack counting skills XD, thanks for pointing it out

Article 7/11/15, 1:58 PM

Thanks for the information

Article 6/9/15, 4:20 PM

vods can be found here: http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/tournaments/6251-vpgame-pro-league/1676-lan-finals/6256-playoffs/matches/71037-lgd-vs-vici-gaming

Article 4/21/15, 9:53 AM

First prize $2000 second prize $1000

Article 4/4/15, 3:15 AM

You're right, i forgot Hellraisers but the one who faced visa issues was goddam who is from Kazakhstan and not Russia. Thanks for reminding me about the Hellraisers thing though.

Article 4/1/15, 6:22 AM

It is the third prize pool over a million with public contribution, i have changed the text to avoid further confusion.

Article 1/5/15, 6:10 AM