If i recall correctly BTS didnt have enough time to make a compendium for Source 2

Article 1/18/16, 11:45 AM

Thanks for spotting that! I edited it to include the other outcomes.

Article 11/12/15, 12:30 PM

That's a great picture. I will be using it, huge thanks for suggesting.

Article 10/14/15, 4:58 AM

imo the picture looks awkward if the two players are cropped out and replaced. If you are referring to putting the picture of all five players together, i feel that picture would not have as good an effect as the current one.

Article 10/13/15, 2:44 PM

I had trouble finding a picture too, but some pictures should be available after Nanyang Championships (:

Article 10/13/15, 2:32 PM

No worries :D, all suggestions make the article better

Article 10/13/15, 2:30 PM

I am aware it is outdated, however, I could not find any pictures of their recent roster in the needed size. But i'll add a disclaimer saying the picutre is outdated at the bottom to avoid confusion.

Article 10/13/15, 2:26 PM

They did join the qualifiers, I did not choose to mention them due to space constraints. Can't list every good team in the qualifiers :D

Article 10/7/15, 4:42 PM