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No edits, no line breaks. Pretty poor comment section, don't know why GG even bothered changing. At least the old style would attract SEA troll comments.

Article 1/22/19, 6:20 AM

Supporting a team is great, I support Liquid just because they were the go-to website for SC2 news when eSports became big around that time. Then when Dota2 released it was hard not to jump on the NaVi bandwagon, although I fell in love with Puppey's ideals particularly so now I support him at Secret. I still have that soft spot for Liquid though so it was great to see them shine, and because I'm Australian it was easy to cheer on OG with Ana. Either way, definitely good luck finding your team. I hope you find something you naturally have a soft spot for. I also watch TI every year, I don't have time for majors although I watch the main events, it's enough to get the back story of the meta for the big show. I highly recommend TI if you're going to fully watch through a tournament. The storylines and wealth of games in the group stages are awesome, it really leaves you "in the know" when the main even comes around and you can find yourself agreeing/disagreeing with the panel on their analysis and makes it all a lot more fun and exciting. I guess my main resolution for dota will be just to play more and tilt less. I found myself in low priority for the first time in years last year because I was actually genuinely trying to climb, but tilted after two weeks or so.

Article 1/22/19, 6:17 AM

He will get the bigger nerfs for sure, or at least be moved to first ban phase in the meta. Kind of crazy that he was let through so much... Good they brought it to attention for pubs though, had lots of fun stomping with him recently :) More worrying for me is if they nerf neutral spawns back to 2 minutes like the English casters were suggesting, it really hurts carrying a pub without being able to flash farm the jungle on many heroes. It's hard to balance the pub scene with pro's just stacking all the camps every minute in that regard I guess.

Article 6/13/17, 7:33 PM

I think this is more old Chinese style buff. Laning and mechanics, not run around ganking.

Article 5/16/17, 2:31 AM

I don't know why DeMoN left TnC after TI6, pretty dumb, had good results and an opportunity to build something like the other great players have. Now that TnC had good results without him at the last major it becomes a question of what he brought to that team rather than a statement.

Article 5/10/17, 1:34 AM

Embarrassing for Secret. They got what they deserve. Took RTZ back for nothing to end up with a trash unbalanced line-up. Puppey faltering.

Article 6/7/16, 11:46 PM

Never been a fan of the buy another game, get dota stuff concept. I get why it exists from a promotional, get new players to try out both games point of view, but personally I can't get excited about it. Oh and speaking of can't get excited, Warhammer: Total War has headed this way since they've confirmed you can't paint armies or at least choose colours even. What's the point? There were throngs of threads after announce of "please let us paint armies, this game would be perfect for it" and yet another developer that just won't listen to fans for no good reason at all.

Article 5/2/16, 7:47 PM

Don't see a problem really, it's the organisers own loss, as they will lose potential big names and therefore stream revenue. For the players/fans it's great though, plenty of teams, especially relatively unknowns, will get an opportunity to play, experience a LAN setting and possibly prove their worth. Teams attending TI will get to make choices on a heavy tournament schedule with solid practice, but added fatigue and potentially exposing weakness or entering TI with a lack of tournament practice. It's a choice really, no ones forcing teams to play in these tournaments. It also adds another layer of strategic management required to a team. Weighing the pro's/con's of participating and making the right decision could vastly impact TI results. For example: Team A participates in all 3, loses them all with bad beats, exposes massive flaws in team chemistry and generates an unhappy atmosphere heading in to TI, but also affords the opportunity to analyse their loses and improve their play heavily before TI. Team B chooses to participate in 2, wins 2 easily, have a massive ego, then feel they can slack off before TI. Team C doesn't participate in any, choosing instead to practice from home/bootcamp, they can gather a lot of data by watching TI teams playing in the tournaments, but have a lack of LAN (stage, nerves, travel) preparation.

Article 12/14/14, 1:17 AM
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