• Name Martin B
  • Location Germany
  • Date of birth Jan 27, 1987
Godlike Player 4 Ever : [f]Korea[/f][P]Bisu[Shield] Idra = IdrA do rage alot <--- LOL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [URL=http://s07.flagcounter.com/more/1vC][IMG]http://s07.flagcounter.com/count/1vC/bg=FFFFFF/txt=000000/border=CCCCCC/columns=6/maxflags=30/viewers=0/labels=1/pageviews=1/[/IMG][/URL] WC3 sucks compared to StarCraft in general, especially to SC:BW. If you think that WC3 is anything special, you're just simply wrong. Look at Naniwa, ThorZaiN, Grubby, SaSe etc. All top WC3 player training in Korea and learn, how to play StarCraft at the highest lvl. Ex Broodwar players still dominating the szene hard, what do you think why players like MC / MVP / DRG / Nestea etc. have so much success ? It's not because they played WC3, its because they played Broodwar and that was so much harder, and by so much, i REALLY mean SO FUCKING MUCH harder than WC3. Even Naniwa, in my honest opinion one of the better Protoss out there, said that WC3 is so easy compared to StarCraft/StarCraft2. For that statement: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=271423 So what, watching a Final of a game which needs like no "real skill" (in terms of multitask), where just positioning / luck (in terms of finding items... i mean... seriously!?...items !?...) / and a good read on your opponent is needed. Plus the fact that WC3 is imbalanced as shit, and like Grubby already said, SC2 is already way more balanced than WC3 ever will be So thanks for making my day dude, you've no clue what you're talking about. If anyone wanna mess with this, PM me and i will have the statement for you to proove you wrong Cheers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SC is like sex. You should play often, but never too hard. And you should only try hard when it matters.
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