• Name Daniel Soliba
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Jul 14, 1994
  • Primary game Dota 2

NeoEuridice's activity

We Lost!! oh well... at least I only betted 25% of my bank pool damn... Still damn...

Match 10/31/14, 2:01 PM

Now this... Is hard!! We all know that NaVi is more experienced but... RESOLUTION!!!! Really hard... NaVi is down though and Empire is on a streak.. They also have MAG... and... there's a rumor aboutFNG getting kicked soon in the side of NaVi so he might not have any motivation at all... SOURCES:: http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/2krylo/unconfirmed_fngs_gonna_get_kicked_out_of_navi/ Going BIG! on EMPIRE... I don't know if someone will follow me though: You currently have bet 250 rares on Team Empire DotA2. With these percentages, you may win 460.54 rares.

Match 10/31/14, 2:01 AM

You can bet rares keys and branches on Gosu...

Match 10/30/14, 9:44 PM

ON TO SECRET GAME NEXT... DO NOT THINK ABOUT BETTING ON BBEARS.. AS FOR C9 VS M5 I'D SAY 80% to 20% favoring C9... C9 Will Experiment on their draft for sure... so up to you guys.. I'd say I'll bet everything on C9 though... Enough 322 for today.

Match 10/30/14, 9:37 PM

Yes.. but I am very sure 100 of those are taunts(techies)

Match 10/30/14, 9:31 PM

So... Who followed my bet on this one?>??? hahaha might win 300+ rares today..

Match 10/30/14, 9:23 PM

This match I'd say 60% - 40% Favoring C9 but.... I'll YOLO on KPG and trust them this time... All the guys from reddit are also taking a chance with the KPG guys... This is my bet for this match: You currently have bet 75 rares on Kompas Gaming. With these percentages, you may win 322.64 rares.

Match 10/30/14, 7:45 PM

We made it boys... 19 rares for meh..

Match 10/30/14, 12:23 AM
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