• Name Clyde Valentine Salvador
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Feb 5, 1988
  • Primary game Dota 2

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its not new law, Under Philippine Law (Presidential Decree No.871 issued in 1976)..they have been RECOGNIZE as PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES now..unlike before players are just considered as players so no need for drug testing, and its not only in the Philippines that requires or has this kind of law to professional athletes. I think they are being consider as the same level w/ other Sports athletes now..and the law applies to all who wants to compete in any Esporting events in the Philippines.

Article 1/7/18, 4:48 AM

they want Esports to be recognize same as the other Sports but they can't even follow simple rules.. Why so afraid of Drug Testing? You guys are the reason why Major status was taken away from Galaxy Battle cause you keeps on asking to be recognize yet you guys keeps complaining! you do not want to take the Urine Drug Testing which is common to rule to all professional athletes. fu*cng adiks!

Article 1/6/18, 3:55 AM

Direct Invites . OG Team Secret EG EHOME Vici Gaming CDEC Virtus.Pro Alliance direct invites and qualifing teams was leak right?

Article 12/31/15, 10:05 AM

the thing is Valve rules not being followed..10mins time pause.. instead the game was remake at 22mins mark? i can't blame K2Apes here. what was the admin doing for 25mins? they pause at 7mins (10mins game pause + 15mins in game as shown on the image above)

Article 5/21/15, 6:52 AM

hope mineski will win this.. and pick more wisely

Match 4/21/15, 4:02 AM

the Bureau of Immigration is asking for OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) for does 3 who are leaving to Korea it is said that it was a requirements for does who are working abroad and since the visa that they are carrying was working visa they should have OEC.. but the POEA already told that cyber athlete was exempted from acquiring does kind of documents... no matter what the story is, its probably because RAVE has earned Million of Pesos in DAC and BI want some of does and they are just making this kind or excuses so that it will come to the point that does 3 will pay for excemption to bad for BI coz Sen.Bam Aquino is a fan of Rave..its more fun in the Philippines! Corruption everywhere! :D

Article 4/8/15, 4:07 AM

i have been in Malaysia once and you cant really tell from which country is the person i am talking unless i know the person or they speak their own dialect..even do i don't understand them i can still tell by the tune of there voice. even Indians invading Malaysia...lol!

Article 4/7/15, 4:13 AM

ive seen in MyDotA2Community where Ryor is playing in mineski w/ 462 ping games vs underminer.

Article 4/6/15, 2:23 PM
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