• Location Canada
  • Date of birth Jan 2, 1990
  • Primary game StarCraft
I'm Your Daddy

frrrrrr's activity

NL Holdem is definitely not the guy's best game. But past that, he's still a top notch cash game player.

Article 1/19/11, 3:56 AM

"I got no fear. I'm fearless. I'm not afraid to go broke. I'm not afraid to put my whole tournament on the line, I'm a great poker player, and they're all gonna see that." lmao, he was so dam scared he folded K high flush on a small river check raise vs Ivey in MDCG season 4(?). Yeah that's what i call fearless.

Article 1/19/11, 3:51 AM

*palm on forehead* beer sponsors are everywhere in the states & in Canada. What's the big catch there in Korea?

Article 5/3/09, 7:34 AM

Boy, that took a while.

Article 11/16/08, 10:36 AM

[quote]quoting iNcontroL from TL.net [quote]...Estro was a bunch of racist assholes who ignored greg.. his "pro training" was ICCUP...[/quote] quoting FakeSteve from TL.net [quote]After the novelty wore off, the rest of the estro team basically refused to play with idra outside of the mandatory team ranking tournaments. after a new coach axed those, his practice time was 100% iccup. they saw losing to him as an embarassment, and believe me, they did lose to him. the entire team basically ignored him because he was the white guy, they wanted nothing to do with him. except for a few who were friendly, but still generally refused to play him.[/quote] The usual suspects.. [/quote] Ehhhh, what? Where exactly did foulmouthed iNcontroL & FakeSteve get this from? Oh, let me think, speculations? TL members' arrogance acting up again? TL's dispicable critical, condescending nature acting up again? Look at those comments. This is why you should never go to TL for the community. Yes they do give good information, but that's where it stops. Their community is full of shit. Picture their community as a dome where only the people within their dome gets praises and what not, while others outside of it is free to be bashed, put on the hot seat, what not. TL's community should garner no respect for acts like this. Absolutely none.

Article 10/21/08, 10:12 AM

#14 That depends on if he gets smoked & completely outclassed in all 4 games or if all the games were down to the wire. The former means a big disappointment, while the latter means he's done well against progamers.

Article 10/13/08, 12:59 AM

hm, how does this resemble byzantines?

Article 8/6/08, 5:20 AM

#8 That's because Korea [i]is[/i] the big times, the glamour, the marquee place for progaming. It's like asking the NFLers to name a CFLer, or an NBA player to name a CBA player.

Article 7/28/08, 3:43 AM
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