• Name Ozheen Maruf
  • Location Germany
  • Date of birth Jan 6, 1990
  • Primary game StarCraft

ozheenmaruf's activity

started writing..

Article 7/4/10, 12:06 PM

omg this news comes a little bit too late dont you think ?

Article 4/14/09, 1:18 PM

nice interview.. stop hating.

Article 3/3/09, 5:38 PM

both look awesome voted both

Article 1/9/09, 4:07 PM

he looks ridiculous

Article 11/27/08, 5:54 PM

wow nice. i really love that guy.

Article 10/30/08, 10:40 PM

idra will never be pro NEVER

Article 9/25/08, 7:55 PM

incontrol looks like a fat version of oliver kahn

Article 9/21/08, 11:34 AM
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