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MidnightCoffee's activity

We're barely through the first month of the year and we already have 2 fresh dramas coming outta the woodwork. I like it.

Article 1/21/15, 10:32 PM

Prizepool just went up from $250k, to $750k in the span of just 24 hours since compendium has been released. Right now it's at $844k.

Article 1/3/15, 11:08 AM

Sure, DefWin is common, for qualifiers, but this was in the middle of a LAN, and I'm sure you're gonna tell me it's also very common for multiple high profile teams to pull-out of an allegedly "Good" tournament. Please stop sucking your chink overlord's dicks.

Article 1/3/15, 11:04 AM

"Default Victory" christ, this tournament gets crappier and crappier with each new article. With the series of pull-outs from multiple western teams due to organizers "False prize pool", their alleged reputation of not paying their last tournament's winners, and then there's also the multitudes of traveling problems you'd get for attending. With the organizers decision to ban C9 for I-League season 3, then backpedaling so hard and lifting the ban a few days later cause they are in the wrong, and yet they still accuse the players for this "misunderstanding". After all that, I doubt any western teams would be willing to compete for season 3, because there's so many things you need to do just to attend an eastern tournament, if the organizers don't pay for the player's traveling expenses. Same goes for eastern teams going to western tournies, ofc. But western traveling laws are much more lax compared to that of china.

Article 1/2/15, 10:23 PM

Wait, but didn't ACE gave the OK for burning to participate? Or am I confusing that with some other tournament.

Article 1/2/15, 1:58 AM

It seems like none of the players really like this tournament, nor their organizers. Also, speed gaming must've felt like they've been slapped to the face with this.

Article 1/1/15, 9:51 PM
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