Wow that is pretty damn awesome! Not a chance I am going above level 100 though. 96 atm. I like it that we get a chance to contribute to the scene that we love and also that Valve is taking a part of that to fund the game and the scene.

Article 7/9/15, 2:58 PM

I honestly find it pathetic that the USA wouldn't give these people what they need to take part in something they dedicate their lives to.

Article 7/3/15, 9:54 PM

Awesome to see South Africa being represented by Noxville! Well done man! Also WTF no LD? LD is in my top 3 fav commentators! GIVE US LD! \o/

Article 6/27/15, 11:03 AM

Sad to see that his wife isn't supportive about something that is so important to him! :(

Article 5/19/15, 12:50 PM

How is there no ticket for this yet? :( I wants it!

Article 3/10/15, 7:16 PM

Kuro is just so much better than Xboct. It must just be amazing for him to waste Xboct every game against them! Dat revenge!

Match 11/11/14, 7:41 PM