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I see that as the cost of doing business. For example: If you close a bank account with 30 cents in it, the bank will mail you a check for 30 cents. Even though, the check printing service and the cost of the postage are well over $1. I think the community gave gosu a pass because of the transition between trade. Even though I have first hand experience of the coding time it takes to fix the bot code to take care of the emails. Took about 10 hours of coding time. Honestly, I see this as a Mtgox style excuse. Something broke therefore, it's not our fault that your money is gone. You guys are kidding yourselves if you think you won't have unhappy customers over even .1 key (also speaking from experience). Not just trying to give you guys shit either, I have been a community admin (manager) for two years in TF2. Just playing devils advocate.

Article 5/7/15, 7:30 PM

Gosu could simply convert the keys or fractional keys to value in items or give the users a free value bet credit. Lets say that there are 1000 users who have .5 keys left. There should be 500 keys on gosu's accounts due to the way the betting system was made. Unlike say d2l where users can have a return of .6 keys and get a full key back. The fact that gosu never rounded up or down on wagers means that those keys exist somewhere.

Article 5/7/15, 6:28 PM

So since the old system was removed, that also nullifies the fact that the website owes it's users money (essentially)? I'm not worried about the $1.3 or whatever I have, but i'm sure that a lot of other users might be. Also, when say 1k people have .5 keys leftover it becomes an issue worth addressing.

Article 5/7/15, 6:18 PM

What about the left over >1 key balances in accounts? Is gosu going to convert those to value or are you just going to sweep it under the rug?

Article 5/7/15, 6:08 PM
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