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Nukeduck ftw \o/

Article 8/28/13, 12:53 PM

Don't think I've ever seen Alex_ich so emotional - touching to watch! Not only that, but also EG's hugs.

Article 8/28/13, 12:52 PM

I'm intrigued to see how correct that is. NA proved EU quite wrong in the All Stars and even though it's not quite the same as teams overall, it's still an indicator as to how wrong our impressions may be. Would be fun with some upsets, even though I hope EU demolish most of the opposition!

Article 8/28/13, 12:48 PM

I was getting scared someone was being replaced, but was relieved when I read the post! Hopefully it'll get the EG train rolling :)

Article 7/16/13, 6:16 PM

I better start playing him then, if he's coming back in the scene!

Article 7/3/13, 7:16 PM

I wonder if it's some sort of itemasation? Sounds like a rather hard nut to crack, nonetheless! Somewhat on a sidenote - when are the WCS 3 finals? Group stage, quarter finals, semi finals - the whole shabang. Starting to plan a vacation and want it to sync with the championship ^^

Article 7/2/13, 11:00 PM

Nice. Heimer was one of my first favorite champions, hopefully he'll be more viable after the changes :)

Article 7/2/13, 10:54 PM

Technically, you could say the entire All Star concept itself is faulty then, seeing as "true teams" have a lot longer time together than what the All Star teams do. So the 1v1 is just another measure of skill differences between the regions - which I reckon is the whole point of the All Star concept. The strongest region deserves more teams in the grand finals.

Article 5/23/13, 4:25 PM
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