Game 1 draft for Navi is just purely retarded.

Match 6/1/15, 5:51 PM

That PL, damn. What a bs hero.

Match 5/31/15, 5:14 PM

I'm a TS fan, but they sucked so hard today. Completely outplayed.

Match 4/24/15, 6:24 PM

Twitch beyondthesummit2 for this game.

Match 4/8/15, 6:40 PM

I'd really love to see if Alliance would last more than 10 minutes with a lineup that's not made up of any ratting heroes. Seems like they can't play anything other than that.

Match 4/4/15, 9:40 PM

S4 absolutely horrible game 1

Match 4/4/15, 9:08 PM

What an ownage in game 1

Match 4/4/15, 7:05 PM

Easy first game for BU

Match 3/26/15, 7:38 PM