• Name AndrĂ© Fonseca
  • Location Portugal
  • Date of birth Oct 30, 1992
  • Primary game Dota 2

Fonslayer's activity

I am waiting for Edward Gaming to enter in Dota, so this is the best team for them to pick up... PS. this is the best team to replace IG because they habe one big guy just like Chuan, so it is perfect replacement :v

Article 11/9/15, 5:40 AM

If they can't get Visas in times they are the ones to blame, not Germany, not Europe not Valve. Invites to Major was reveled in October, they had 1 month to ask for Visas and only now, 1 week before the Major they aske for it? It's their fault, Imvited teams should ask for visas right away when Invites come out...

Article 11/7/15, 1:42 PM

Your point it's pretty valid, I don't know why this guys don't get it... It's like you go watch Football World Cup and Cristiano Ronaldo not be in Portugal Team, or Messi in Argentina, etc, etc... Romania should have W33, Arise and Bone7 at least and ComeWithMe maybe. Germany should have Black, Fata, Kuroky and qojqva. USA should have Fear, Universe, ppd, etc... Denmark should have notail and Misery Sweeden should have Zai/S4/Akke/Pieliedie/pajkatt/etc Etc, etc, etc

Article 9/16/15, 3:31 PM

Such an arrogant guy, omg "Was it hard to get to 8K ? Not that hard at all." "Thx for your time and keep up that MMR I sure will." You will always fail in Pro Scene and I will laught everytime you fail arrogant boy... Refresh this ***!

Article 6/23/15, 9:28 PM

There isn't a game 1 advantage for Winner Brackets? What a joke omg

Article 6/15/15, 7:06 PM

btw 4ASC are the new Fnatic, I think...

Article 5/31/15, 2:06 AM

Niqua is better player than BullDog bad move from Alliance... They were in good form with Niqua, then they change to BullDog again and start to lose much games...

Article 5/31/15, 12:59 AM

OMG that excuse, you know that Alliance played against one CIS team, and they actually lost that game? So...

Article 5/31/15, 12:58 AM
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