Match 11/4/14, 12:16 PM


Match 9/24/14, 12:10 PM

90% Empire. This is still the team ranked 9th and i think they'll end the throws already. a serious empire did beat even C9 (who have beaten EG-rank1) so watch out.

Match 9/24/14, 9:03 AM

HGT got this. this is actually a MORE important game for them than LaI (qualifying game)

Match 9/20/14, 6:04 AM


Match 9/18/14, 10:55 AM

dec 2013-may 2014 matchups owned by mineski, while fd grabbed the latest games. momentum or history? ill go with history.

Match 9/18/14, 6:35 AM

HGT won the latest match. that history though, might suggest it was a fluke

Match 9/18/14, 6:32 AM

betting on the iG destroyer was indeed a good choice

Match 9/18/14, 6:27 AM